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Deposit funds

This tutorial will guide you in the process of depositing new funds in Idle through the Perpetual Yield Tranches on the Ethereum mainnet.


Sections Before you start and Connecting your Wallet under the Best Yield strategy can be helpful to have a smooth onboarding on Idle and invest in Perpetual Yield Tranches.

Depositing assets

  • Choose the "Perpetual Yield Tranches" strategy in the Dashboard sidebar on the left-hand side (you can learn more about Idle strategies by visiting each Product page, Best Yield and Perpetual Yield Tranches). Here, we will use Perpetual Yield Tranches. There are different assets available (DAI, FEI, sETH) offering different APYs depending on supply and demand equilibria.
  • Choose whether to invest in Senior or Junior tranches.
Using the Senior Tranche, in the case of a Smart-Contract breach, your funds will be covered by the funds deposited in the Junior Tranche.
Using the Junior Tranche, in the case of a Smart-Contract breach, your funds will be employed to cover eventual losses on the Senior Tranche.
  • Click "Deposit" next to the asset you wish to deposit.
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      If you do not currently possess any of the respective assets you will be given the option to purchase them via the built-in on-ramps or conversion partners.
  • Click "Approve", then "Confirm" the transaction in your wallet to approve your fund deposit. You can click on "Edit" to increase the gas price if the network is busy (visit for current rates) and speed up the transaction completion.
  • Once the approval is confirmed, you will be able to deposit your approved asset into the Idle Strategy of choice. You will now possess IdleCDO tokens for the asset you deposited depending on the strategy you chose. By clicking on your wallet, you can see your current portfolio assets and $IDLE balance.
For Senior PYTs, you can also stake/unstake your tranche tokens.
Need further help? Check our guides list or get in contact on Discord.