Idle allows you to lend different underlying assets (eg. DAI, USDC ...) through the use of IdleTokens. So for each underlying asset supported there is a corresponding IdleToken (eg. IdleDAI, IdleUSDC ...) implemented as an IdleToken instance.
The available methods are:
  • ​mintIdleToken : lend asset in Idle and receive IdleTokens back
  • ​redeemIdleToken : redeem your assets + interests and burn IdleTokens
  • ​redeemInterestBearingTokens : redeem interest-bearing assets and burn IdleTokens
  • ​rebalance : read allocations from IdleRebalancer and change IdleToken pool allocations if needed
  • ​tokenPrice : get current IdleToken price without fees
  • ​getAPRs : get APRs from all implemented protocols
  • ​getAvgApr : get current IdleToken average APR
  • ​userAvgPrices: get avg price per IdleToken paid by a user (used to calculate earnings)
  • ​getGovTokensAmounts: get number of redeemable governance tokens a user can withdraw
  • ​flashLoanFee: get flash loan for the entire protocol (eg '90' -> 0.09%)
  • ​flashFee: get flash loan fee, in underlying, for a specific amount requested
  • ​maxFlashLoan: max amount available for flash loans
  • ​flashLoan: execute flash loans
  • ​getAllocations: get an array with last allocations
  • ​getGovTokens: get an array with all gov token addresses distributed
  • ​getAllAvailableTokens: get an array with all interest bearing token addresses supported
  • ​getProtocolTokenToGov: get a the gov token associated with a specific interest bearing token, if any
  • ​tokenPriceWithFee: get current IdleToken price for a specific user, counting fees
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