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IDLE token-holders interested in actively participating in the DAO governance should either delegate another address or self-delegate their own wallet.

Below we report a list of the current IDLE delegates. Users can also check the Delegation page on the Governance dashboard on Tally.

The complete guide to delegation (on-chain and off-chain) can be found here.

Delegation Board

Treasury League

Bio: Treasury League of Idle DAO

Delegation pitch: Link

Address: 0xFb3bD022D5DAcF95eE28a6B07825D4Ff9C5b3814


Bio: Admin of the β€œIDLE Factory” community group

Delegation pitch: Link

Address: 0x50DA03C08b3269AA2B47a0b8bE03dBCeA4cB3990

stkIDLE multisig

Bio: IDLE stakers' delegated multisig

Delegation pitch: Link

Address: 0xb08696efcf019a6128ed96067b55dd7d0ab23ce4

Bocconi Blockchain Club

Bio: Bocconi university Students Blockchain Association (BSBA)

Delegation pitch: Link

Address: 0x61f0b0daBe302c5952b7038ef42c2c4F1d69e3db

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