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Any address with at least 130,000 IDLE (1% of the total supply) delegated to is able to propose IIPs (on-chain proposals), which are executable code. The Timelock contract would then modify system parameters, logic, and contracts in a 'time-delayed, opt-out' upgrade pattern (as described in the On-Chain Proposal section).
Any proposal, idea, or initiative for the Idle protocol coming from a community member or Leagues' contributor follows a governance process composed of several steps:

1. Idea Discussion

Community members can propose early-stage ideas in the Ideas and improvements category to receive initial feedback. If community members have an already structured proposal, they can leverage the Formal Proposals category.
DAO contributors can use the templates available in the Governance Forum.
Timeline: 2+ days of discussion

2. Temperature Check

After a successful idea discussion, community members can create the associated Snapshot poll (off-chain action) to measure the sentiment of the community about the potential change.
For the time being, contributors need to open 2 polls: one for $IDLE votes and one for stkIDLE ones.
Users need to hold at least 100 $IDLE to open a Snapshot poll.
Timeline: 3+ days of voting
Website: Snapshot page for $IDLE holders and Snapshot page for stkIDLE holders
tot. IDLE stakes/tot. stkIDLE minted)*tot. stkIDLE voting in the pool*% of each option
In 2021, Idle DAO approved a voting process update affecting stkIDLE holders only:
  • Voting poll: a new stkIDLE holders voting space has been created on Snapshot.
  • No quorum is required to validate the vote off-chain
  • The voting weight of stkIDLE is calculated in the form of weighted IDLE tokens as
tot. IDLE stakedtot. stkIDLE minted×tot. stkIDLE voting×% on each option\large{\frac{\text{tot. IDLE staked}}{\text{tot. stkIDLE minted}}}\times \text{tot. stkIDLE voting} \times \text{\% on each option}
The sum of the voting weights cast by $IDLE and stkIDLE holders represents the final snapshot results (votes results are reported in the official calculator).

3. Proposal Formalization

After having reached a consensus in the Temperature Check, the initial proposer or another community member can submit the idea as an IIP in the proposals category in the Governance forum.
DAO contributors can use the templates available in the Governance Forum.
Timeline: 2+ days of discussion

4. On-chain Proposal

The proposer or other DAO members can deploy on-chain the official proposal, which is broadcasted as executable code. It starts its journey in a pending state. Once the on-chain proposal is active, IDLE token holders cast their votes.
DAO contributors can follow these guides to create a formal IIP.
In case of an on-chain poll, stkIDLE votes should meet two minimum thresholds to make the poll valid to be cast on-chain:
  1. 1.
    20% of circulating stkIDLE voting the poll
  2. 2.
    at least 70% on the same option
If the poll quorum is reached, the Treasury multisign, which holds delegated votes, will broadcast the result on-chain with the entire voting balance.
Quorum: 4% of the total IDLE supply (~520,000 IDLE) voting the pool
Timeline: 3 days of voting
If a proposal is successful, it can be queued for execution and after 2 days it can be executed on-chain.