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What are gauge weights?

Gauge weights account how much IDLE will be received by a liquidity gauge.

Who can vote for gauge weights?

Only users who stake/lock their IDLE (i.e. stkIDLE holders) have access to gauge weight voting.

When do gauges' weights change?

Gauges’ weights change once a week, every Thursday (~12:00 AM UTC).

How often can users change their weight preferences?

Users can change their weights once every 10 days. The 10-days window is counted since their last voting preference submission.

Do I need to re-submit my weight vote every week?

Users don't have to vote again every week except if they want to change their vote distribution.

What if I provide liquidity in multiple pools?

Your voting power applies to all gauges but may produce different boosts based on how much liquidity you are providing and how much total liquidity the PYT pool has.

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