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Redeem funds

  1. Visit the Idle dApp and connect your wallet.

  2. Go to the BY strategy page under the Earn section. There will be a Deposited assets section showing the balances deposited.

  3. Click on the token of interest.

  4. In the right panel, click Withdraw and then insert the amount of token to redeem.

  5. After the Tx executes, users will see their tokenized asset balance and any redeemed governance tokens less the current performance fee.

Redeem only farmed rewards

  1. Follow the steps outlined in the Redeem funds section up to point 3.

  2. Once on the strategy page, scroll down and you will see a summary of the claimable rewards

  3. Click on Claim Rewards and sign the Tx

Redeem interest-bearing tokens

This feature is active only on Senior BY and only if the contract is paused to let users always have the possibility to redeem their funds (as interest-bearing tokens).

If the Senior BY contract is paused, users can decide to withdraw their funds in the form of interest-bearing tokens (e.g. aDAI/cDAI/eDAI). To do so:

  1. Follow the steps outlined in the Redeem funds section up to point 3.

  2. In the right panel, click on Withdraw.

  3. Tick the Withdraw interest-bearing tokens option

  4. Click on Withdraw interest-bearing


All the above steps can be followed to redeem funds from the BY OG strategy on Polygon as well.

To cover gas fees on Polygon, you will need to own $MATIC to redeem your funds.

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