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Started in Jan 2021 as Pilot League, this League evolved into a Treasury League after 2 months.

This League is dedicated to the organisation and management of grants (dev and community), treasury management and diversification, DAO2DAO collaborations, the research for new partnerships, and integrations with known protocols that can bring value and increase the TVL of Idle.

Furthermore, this League creates reports to update the community on the work done and allocates and tracks all the budget for each new mandate and for new initiatives.

🔎 TL areas of responsibility

Business Development
  • Protocol partners relationships

  • Integration support

DAO Architecture
  • DAO efficiency and tools

  • Leagues coordination

  • Leagues onboarding

Ecosystem Development
  • Community Grants

  • DeFi and products education

  • Treasury management

  • Mandate reporting

  • Rewards management

  • $IDLE token utilities

  • LP models and analysis

Current Treasury League contributors can be found here.

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