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If you're creating a design or an animation about Idle, you can find Idle graphics guidelines below.

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About Idle

Idle DAO is a decentralized organization that builds yield automation infrastructure for DeFi. From brand new DeFi protocols to institutional and DAO treasury managers, businesses of every size use our protocol to optimize capital efficiency and manage their treasuries within DeFi.

We believe that everyone deserves the best for their idle funds, both in terms of returns and risks. Over the past three years, Idle has rolled out the features and services, defining and shaping the yield automation space. Your money won’t ever sit still.

Logo kit

$IDLE logo kit

Name: $IDLE governance token

Ticker: $IDLE

Contract Address: 0x875773784Af8135eA0ef43b5a374AaD105c5D39e


Background: #1B1E27

Primary blue: #0519D3


Primary font: Open Sans

Secondary font: Source Sance Pro

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