Integration Standard Requirements

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The Security and Resiliency tables show the requirements to onboard a new yield source or an asset in the Best Yield strategies.

The Integration Standard Requirements made part of a due diligence process to evaluate new possible yield improvements.


MetricsMinimum requirement

Has a reputable company audited contracts, or are they fork of audited projects?

1 custom audit

Months of activities since last contract update

3 months

Are contracts immutable or upgradeable by admins? If upgradable, how many admins control the keys, and are they anonymous?

Immutable preferred, but answers evaluated case by case

Is there an emergency exit plan?

Evaluated case by case

Are there protocol dependences?

Evaluated case by case

Has the protocol/asset suffered losses in the past?

Evaluated case by case


MetricsMinimum requirement

Current protocol TVL or asset market capitalization

$ 50M+

Expected TVL or market capitalization in 3 months

$ 100M+

Current protocol's or supported service' APYs

+30% than Idle 30-day strategy average

Expected impact on APY when deploying Idle TVL

Less than 10% change

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