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Ethereum to Polygon

To move $IDLE from Ethereum mainnet to Polygon mainnet you should use a bridge service.

Your wallet address will be the same on both chains. The same is not applicable for multisig wallets. In the latter case, use an EOA wallet to move tokens between an Ethereum multisig wallet and a Polygon one.

Visit and connect your wallet. Check that you are on the Ethereum network, then select Polygon Bridge (Figure 1). Click on Ether and look for $IDLE. Choose the amount to move from Ethereum to Polygon and click on Transfer.

Click on Continue three times (you will be able to see an estimate of gas fees). Confirm the transaction (consisting of two steps, i.e. Approve deposit and Complete deposit) on Metamask. A Transfer in progress window will show the tx progress. Once completed, the new deposit will take ~7/8 minutes to reach your Polygon wallet.

Polygon to Ethereum

Similarly, you can follow similar steps to move your tokens from Polygon to Ethereum. In this case, the bridge will take around ~3 hours to move the funds back to the mainnet.

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