How to stake your IDLE

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To stake your IDLE visit this stake page in the dashboard, then

  1. Approve the IDLE staking contract to allow the staking.

  2. Now you can lock your IDLE. You should set two variables:

    1. Lock period duration: from a minimum of 2 weeks to a maximum of 4 years

    2. $IDLE amount: based on your balance select how many IDLE you want to lock

  3. Click on Lock and sign the transaction.

Be careful when approving the spending limit of the staking contract. It's advisable to approve an amount near your current/expected IDLE balance.

The longer is your staking period, the higher will be the stkIDLE received at the time of locking. For example, by staking your IDLE for 4 years you will receive back 1 stkIDLE per IDLE locked (i.e. 100%).

Claim rewards

Once locked in your IDLE, you will start receiving IDLE rewards and you can claim them using the dedicated action in the dashboard.

The dashboard will show your the claimable IDLE amount and the previous claim calls

Update your staking

Once you have locked your IDLE, you cannot revert the operation until the lock end date has been reached. You can instead

  • Increase Time: increase the locking duration

  • Increase Amount: increase the IDLE locked

Every time, you modify the Time or Amount the APR will be adjusted consequently.

How can I stake again after the staking locking end date has passed?

Once the end date is reached you can't increase your stake. First, you need to withdraw the tokens and then you can stake again.

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