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On this page, we summarize all the FAQs included in our documentation split by category.

​Best Yield​

How can BY strategy provide higher returns than other options?
How is the BY APY calculated in each pool?
When a BY rebalance is triggered?
Can I add more funds if I already deposited assets?
What happens in the case of a default, hack to PYT funds?
If a protocol is hacked wouldn't its underlying token be useless? How does Junior create value after an exploit?
Is there a locking period when investing in PYT?
Is there any locking period for staking?
How is the APY of PYT determined?
How are fees collected?
What are staking rewards?
Can I deposit and stake both on Senior and Junior Tranches?


How do I earn fees?
When do you share fee payments on Ethereum?
Do I lose the rewards if I do not reach the minimum threshold?
How do I claim fees through the vesting contracts?
How is my reward tier calculated?


How do I earn the Performance Boost bonus?
When do I get the Polygon rewards payments?
Do I lose the rewards if I do not reach the minimum threshold?
Should I claim the bonus?
How do I track Polygon bonuses?

​Idle DAO​

What is an IIP?
Who can vote on-chain?
Who can submit an on-chain proposal?
When a proposal is executed on-chain?


What are gauge weights?
Who can vote for gauge weights?
When do gauges' weights change?
How often can users change their weight preferences?
Do I need to re-submit my weight vote every week?
What if I provide liquidity in multiple pools?
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