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What is an IIP?
IIP, as explained in the docs Glossary, stands for the Idle Improvement Proposal and represents a proposal for a protocol change that needs to go through $IDLE token holders' on-chain vote.
Who can vote on-chain?
Every user that holds $IDLE can vote, but to get the eligibility before voting they must self-delegate or delegate to others their voting rights.
Who can submit an on-chain proposal?
Every address with at least 130,000 $IDLE delegated can submit on-chain proposals. At any stage, the proposal can be cancelled by its creator or if he/she loses the required delegated votes.
When a proposal is executed on-chain?
The quorum to execute any change on the protocol is 520,000 $IDLE and an IIP is executed if the majority (50% +1) of the voters cast a “For” vote.
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