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First, you need to map a new network (i.e. Polygon) on your wallet. Hereafter, we will use the Metamask wallet. You can either choose to add Polygon manually or automatically using third party services.

Add Polygon manually

Click on your Metamask extension, select Ethereum mainnet and choose Custom RPC from the list. Fill in the menu with the following information:

Add Polygon through Chainlist

Visit to add Polygon to Metamask. Connect your wallet to the Chainlist dApp in the top right corner. Once connected, search Polygon, choose Polygon Mainnet and select Add to Metamask. Metamask will ask β€œAllow this site to add a network?” approve it, then select Switch Network. You should now see Polygon Mainnet in the Metamask networks drop-down list.

Matic, used to cover gas fees on the Polygon network, will be listed automatically. If you want to add some additional tokens to your balance click on Import tokens. To add $IDLE tokens to your wallet list:

Similarly, you can add WETH or any other token of your choice. Always remember to look for the Polygon contract address.

Once mapped the new network you can visit

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