How to create an on-chain proposal

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To create an on-chain proposal, community members need to use an Ethereum wallet.

Connect your wallet and visit the Governance dashboard

Visit the Governance dashboard on the Idle website. Then connect your wallet in the left part of the header, choose “Ethereum Wallet” and select your wallet type.

If you hold enough voting rights and have connected your wallet, you can click on the “Proposals” category. Here you see the button “New Proposal” in the upper right corner of the page.

Create a new Proposal

For the actual on-chain proposal, you would need to follow the following structure

Actions are functions/methods call to Idle-related smart contracts. Each proposal is required to have at least one Action. Up to 10 Actions can be implemented in a single proposal. You can select the contract and the functions, that may require entering additional inputs.

After filling the list of Actions, click on “Submit Proposal”

After one block (Pending State), the proposal will be activated and IDLE token holders can vote.

At any stage, the proposal can be cancelled only by its creator.

If the proposer goes below the 130,000 delegated IDLE threshold at any steps before the execution of the proposal, anyone can delete it.

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