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A comprehensive description of the $IDLE Gauges system can be found here
$IDLE gauges are based on the Curve gauge system with the following modifications.
The main difference is that $IDLE is not mintable, so a mechanism to release $IDLE linearly to Gauges is introduced which allows fine-grained control of the epochs and the inflation rate. Such a system replaced the CRV token with a contract that distributes $IDLE to Liquidity Gauges following parameters governed by the Idle DAO.
The $IDLE Gauge system consists of the following smart contracts:
  • LiquidityGauge: specific for each pool, measures the liquidity provided by users.
  • GaugeController: maintains a list of gauges and their respective weight. Allow users to vote for gauges.
  • Distributor: used to distribute $IDLE rewards across epochs. Epochs have a length of one week and the total amount of rewards to be distributed in a given epoch (or week) can be changed during the previous epoch (or week).
  • DistributorProxy: used by users to claim $IDLE rewards.
  • GaugeProxy: allows setting additional rewards on top of liquidity gauges deposits.
Figure 1 shows a diagram of the contracts flow.