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Idle strategies charge a performance fee deducted from the earned yields.

Best Yield

For Best Yield strategies, the fees are charged at funds redeem. Accrued fees are routed to the FeeTreasurycontract governed by IDLE token holders and to the Treasury League multisig.

BY10% performance fee15% performance fee

Best Yield

Yield Tranches

For the Yield Tranches strategies, a 10-15% performance fee is deducted from earned yield every time a YT auto-compound accrued rewards. Accrued fees are currently routed to the Treasury League multisig.

YTs10% performance fee15% performance fee

Lido: stETH

Lido: stMATIC

Instadapp: stETH


Clearpool: USDC, DAI, USDT

Amphor: wstETH

Performance Fees are computed by difference using the average IdleToken or IdleCDOprice paid by the user for all their deposits and the current IdleToken or IdleCDOprice. All transfer methods (tranfer and transferFrom) of IdleToken will also transfer the eventual fee debt to the receiver.

Product suite revenue

The revenue breakdown is available on Dune Analytics.

The Performance Reports published at every mandate's end summarize the overall financial health of the Idle DAO treasury and the performances of the Idle's strategies.


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