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How can BY strategies provide higher returns than other options?

The BY algorithm is programmed to analyze the supply rate functions across integrated protocols and total funds in the pool, and it's able to constantly rebalance capital across any number of protocols to earn the highest interest rate possible with very high precision.

How is the BY APY calculated in each pool?

The displayed APY is the aggregated interest rate of the APYs coming from multiple lending providers, depending on the allocated funds and the governance tokens from the underlying protocols.

When a BY rebalance is triggered?

Several factors can trigger a rebalance. Factors related to network conditions/congestion, and if a new allocation exceeds the previous one by a significant percentage. Hence, the timing is variable.

In general, a rebalance happens every 3 hours on Ethereum and hourly on Polygon.

Can I add more funds if I already deposited assets?

Yes, any user who has already deposited funds within one or more pools can add additional funds to the current deposited assets.

Each addition of new funds always requires a confirmation and signature via smart contract, and therefore require to pay the related network fees.

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