How to monitor off-chain voting pools

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Want to always keep up to date with the Idle DAO Governance process? Be alerted when a new Snapshot pool opens? All Governance news is constantly shared on the official Governance Forum, Twitter, Discord (#Announcements), and Telegram channels. Don’t forget to turn on notifications!

In addition, for the off-chain voting polls held on Snapshot, the Hal platform allows users to receive personalized alerts whenever a new proposal is created, started, about to close, etc.

The process is very straightforward. Follow this step-by-step tutorial:

  1. Visit the Hal website at

  2. Click on Get Started and sign in with your email

  3. Click on Create Notification

  4. Select Snapshots in the Trigger drop-down menu and enter β€œIdle DAO” in the Snapshot Space search bar. Idle DAO has two Snapshots pages

  5. Flag the trigger events for which you want to be notified and choose the actions that better suit your needs (i.e. E-mail, Discord or Telegram notification)

For specific support on how to activate alerts on Hal, please refer to their official documentation in the Actions section.

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