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Idle DAO is a decentralized collective that builds a set of products that aim to unlock the power of decentralized finance as a one-stop source of yield. It allows users to algorithmically optimize their digital asset allocation across leading DeFi protocols, whether they want to maximize it or keep tabs on their risk-return profile.

The Product Suite is currently composed of

Best YieldYield Tranches

A lending aggregator that automatically analyses supply rate functions across integrated protocols and total funds in the pool to constantly rebalance capital across any number of protocols to earn the highest interest rate possible with very high precision. It is currently available for Ethereum and Polygon networks.

YTs are capital pools that automatically generate and tranche yields and risks based on a range of market-neutral yield strategies, including lending income, trading fees from Automated Market Makers, and protocol incentive farming. Pools are associated with two risk-adjusted classes: Senior and Junior tranches.

The former Risk-adjusted strategy was deprecated in October 2021, and it's no more part of the current products suite.

Products index

There are three main sections in the Products chapter

pageBest Yield

With a focus on the Best Yield strategies, their underlying tokens, and available blockchains. In this section, you can also find helpful user guides and answers to frequently asked questions about the strategies.

pageYield Tranches

With a focus on Yield Tranches, their underlying tokens, and chains. In this section, you can also find some helpful user guides and answers to frequently asked questions about Tranches.

pageFee structure

With a clear explanation of the fees applied to the Idle's strategies.

pageIntegrators program

With a focus on the integration process for DAOs and DeFi platforms that want to leverage the Idle product suite, either on Ethereum or Polygon.

IPFS interface

The Idle protocol and its products are accessible via IPFS at the following URL

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