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Currently, the Best Yield is integrated with Compound, and Aave as yield sources.

If you want to promote a new integration, you can create an IdleWrapper that adhere to the following interface:

interface ILendingProtocol {
  function mint() external returns (uint256);
  function redeem(address account) external returns (uint256);
  function nextSupplyRate(uint256 amount) external view returns (uint256);
  function getAPR() external view returns (uint256);
  function getPriceInToken() external view returns (uint256);
  function token() external view returns (address);
  function underlying() external view returns (address);
  function availableLiquidity() external view returns (uint256);

You can find the current wrappers for Compound as a reference on GitHub here (IdleCompoundV2 is used for DAI only).

The nextSupplyRate(uint256 amount) is the rate that the protocol would have after a new deposit of underlying amount (e.g. if the current APR for DAI in Compound is 10% and then we deposit 100.000 DAI what would the next rate be?)

The Idle DAO implemented the Integration Standard Requirements, guidelines to help the Idle community, builders, protocol founders, and Idle liquidity providers to perform adequate due diligence on the current and future yield generating integrations and infrastructures.

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