DEXs liquidity provison

Bancor single-sided liquidity pool

Bancor is an AMM like Sushiswap and Uniswap, but with one key difference, which was rolled out in Bancor v2.1. Bancor now has Impermanent Loss (“IL”) protection if you stay in the pool for longer than 100 days. This protection starts at 30 days and scales to complete protection over 100 days. Currently, there are no incentivized rewards for the IDLE pool, but keep an eye out as there may be in the future.

Website: Bancor IDLE Pool 2


Risks: Bancor smart contract risk and trusting the Bancor v2.1 model 2. Bancor's audit reports can be found here.

Insurance: Impermanent Loss Protection recompensate LPs with BNT tokens to completely hedge IL. Nexus Mutual offers an insurance service for Bancor tokens covering contract bugs, economics attacks, or governance attacks.

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