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The Institutions program is suited for liquidity providers that deposit in size, i.e. >$500k, into Idle's strategies. Any depositors that embed their wallet address can earn up to a 50% profit share from the contributed TVL.

We'd love to hear from you if you are interested in partnering with us! Reach out to us by filling out the Institutions program form.

Program details

Best Yield vaults and Yield Tranches are deployed on the Ethereum and the Polygon chain. The program is then available on both chains.

The Treasury League periodically executes reward transfers, which an automated on-chain fee-sharing mechanism will then replace.

These tiers of fee sharing apply to all the active Integrators partner programs.

TierPartner's TVLFee share

$1 - 5m



$5 - 10m



$10 - 50m



$50 - 100m



$100 - 200m



$200 - 400m



$400 - 700m



$700m - 1b



> $1b


How to join to program

Best Yield

Please append your address in the Idle's pool URL as a referral during the deposit process ?_referral=ADDRESS or use the function mintIdleToken adding as a _referral your address.


Yield Tranches

Please append your address in the Idle's pool URL as a referral during the deposit process ?_referral=ADDRESS 
or use the functions depositAARef, depositBBRef depending on your interest in depositing into the Senior (AA) or the Junior (BB) side.


The Best Yield and the Yield Tranches sections under the Developers chapter provide more technical and detailed information regarding the strategies.


Idle is a battle-tested protocol since 2019 with a strong focus on protocol safety and the continuous development of its products suite.

Best Yield

  • Get access to a seamless yield generation from multiple underlying sources with just one deposit, on autopilot

  • Optimize capital allocation in the best-performing strategies

  • Deposit single-sided assets, with no impermanent loss

  • Save money, with Idle subsidizing rebalance's fees

  • Redeem funds anytime, as BYs have no locking periods or epochs

Yield Tranches

  • Get access to risk-adjusted profiles benefitting from coverage features via Senior or boosted yields via Junior

  • Increase returns thanks to periodic compounding and avoid losing money during swaps due to sandwich attacks

  • Simplify taxation and asset reporting by managing only one LP token

  • Redeem funds anytime, as YTs have no locking periods or epochs

  • How do I earn fees? Include your wallet address as part of the deposit transaction data. More information regarding the input parameters of the deposit method can be found in the BY and YTs methods sections in the Developers chapter.

  • When do you share fees? Leagues process the IDLE distribution towards the vesting contracts on a monthly basis on Ethereum. The MATIC distribution on Polygon is done on a weekly basis.

  • Should I claim the tokens? The Ethereum fees should be claimed in the vesting contract. The Polygon fees instead are sent to the referral address attached to deposits, no need to claim it.

  • Do I lose the rewards if I do not reach the minimum threshold? Accrued fees that do not reach the minimum threshold are recorded in Dune's dashboards. Once rewards reach the distribution threshold, the fee-sharing payments are executed.

  • How is the fee sharing calculated? Let's see a practical example For the first 30 days, the Partner's TVL deposited is $90m, enabling him to receive a 25% fee-share. Ten days after the first sharing event, its TVL is worth $200m and holds the same value for the remaining 20 days of the second month. The time-weighted TVL for this 30-day timeframe would be worth $163M, letting him access Tier 5, i.e. 30% fee-share.

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