How to propose an IIP

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Idle Improvement Proposals (IIPs) are the tool to let the Idle Governance implement new ideas in the Idle protocol through a transparent on-chain voting process.

IIPs are executed if the majority (50% +1) of the voters casts a β€œFor” vote and at least 4% of the total voting right supply (520,000 IDLE) cast a vote on that proposal, either in favour or against. Community members can create a proposal if they have at least 130,000 IDLE as delegated votes and hold them during the entire voting process (up to the implementation).

Begin by starting a new post under the IIP subcategory and include a clear, concise title beginning with β€œ[IIP-#] - Your Title Here”.

Bear in mind that your proposal will be better perceived and will lead to implementation if it is focused, includes sufficient background information, and has action points that are easy to understand. Additionally, please structure your proposal as modelled below.

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