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Yield Tranches

The implementation for each Tranche can be upgraded through a shared Proxy Admin, which is 0x9438904ABC7d8944A6E2A89671fEf51C629af351.
The owner of the Proxy Admin and of Yield Tranches' contracts is the Treasury League Multisig, which is 0xFb3bD022D5DAcF95eE28a6B07825D4Ff9C5b3814.

Additional functions

As part of the Security Management policy, there is one more function on the IdleCDO contract.
Pause Guardian
The pause guardian can pause, unpause and call emergencyShutdown. YTs contracts can be paused during emergency situations. The pause guardian is currently the Idle Dev Multisig 0xe8eA8bAE250028a8709A3841E0Ae1a44820d677b
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