How to delegate votes
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In the Idle Governance system, each $IDLE corresponds to one vote. IDLE token holders can vote through self-delegation or can delegate the voting right to any Ethereum address to vote on their behalf. As a delegator, you can change anytime the selected delegate.


Holding IDLE tokens does not mean that you are automatically eligible to vote, but you have to go through a further step and assign that power to yourself (self-delegate).

Receive delegations

If you receive a delegation, you can not further delegate the amount delegated to you to other people (you can only delegate votes corresponding to your IDLE tokens). By the way, if your delegators increase their stake and hold more IDLE, they don’t have to re-delegate the added funds as your voting balance is automatically updated.

Connect your wallet and visit the Governance dashboard

Click on this link to visit the Governance dashboard on Then connect your wallet in the left part of the header, choose “Ethereum Wallet” and select your wallet type.

A. Delegation process through the Proposal page

Once a proposal is live, you can click on it and browse the details. The upper part of the page shows the delegation feature. Here you can paste the address of your third-party delegate or self-delegate your voting rights.

B. Delegation process through the Delegate page

If you want to change the delegate or no proposals are active, click on the “Delegate” category in the menu on the left. Here you can see how many IDLE tokens you are owning and set the new delegate or self-delegate the voting power.