Idle Leagues

What is a League

Leagues are organizational units composed of ecosystem participants, elected by the Governance for the protocol growth. Each League pursues activities in a specific field and is responsible for its own budget, managed through a multi-signature wallet.
Members are elected through community snapshot polls and are in charge for the mandate duration (currently 3 months).


Idle Governance system is a DAO that pursues different key activities to ensure proper maintenance and evolution of the protocol in the years to come. Governance deals with business, tech, legal, and administrative tasks, which usually in real-world companies are represented by departments.
In the initial DAO model, token holders are supposed to take decisions on several areas.
To foster community contributions and reduce the burden of voting on all the aspects of the protocol, the League structure consists of SubDAOs (Leagues) focused on a restricted area of expertise.
This approach splits risks & opportunities, allowing active members to take care of new business lines or scheduled DAO activities and get a reward for that. The composition of DAOs/Leagues is designed to evolve based on Idle protocol and its community's needs and opportunities.
Full structure description and goals in the About Idle Leagues article.

How it works

$IDLE token holders (the Governance) represent the topDAO, an entity able to allocate economic resources and assign tasks to the Leagues. Through snapshot polls, the Governance can assign/revoke the budget to the subDAO at any time or stop financing it.
The Leagues take care of the daily protocol maintenance, propose new ideas, interact with the crypto ecosystem and execute decisions taken by the Governance.


There are two active Leagues, whose parameters (team composition, salary, budget, mandate) have been decided through a community proposal:
Treasury League: started as a Pilot League to test the concept, the League evolved into a Treasury committee after 2 months. Two Project Managers and three Supervisors form the department.
Main responsibilities are:
  • Launch grants and bounties;
  • Carry on business development activities with integrators and partners;
  • Participate in Forum discussions and engage with the community, and publish periodic reports;
Dev League: this League started the testing phase and is the newest one. Two Developers and one Supervisor represent the group.
Main responsibilities are:
  • Build new Idle strategies
  • Deploy IIPs and contracts approved by the Governance
  • Perform security reviews
  • Provide technical feedback on community discussions and new technologies
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