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How do I earn fees?
Include your wallet address as part of the deposit transaction data. More information regarding the input parameters of the deposit method can be found in the BY and PYTs Methods sections in the Developers chapter.
When do you share fee payments on Ethereum?
Leagues process the $IDLE payments towards the vesting contracts on a monthly basis. The minimum threshold to execute the fee-sharing is 500 $IDLE.
Should I claim the MATIC rewards?
The Treasury League sends the bonus to the referral address attached to deposits, no need to claim it.
Do I lose the rewards if I do not reach the minimum threshold?
Accrued shared fees that do not reach the minimum threshold are recorded in the dashboard until their sum is higher than 500 $IDLE. Once rewards reach that threshold, the fee-sharing payment is executed.
How is my reward tier calculated?
Your tier is calculated as the average Partner Deposited Asset (PDA) value between the first deposit and the first payment. When the fee-sharing transaction is executed, the tier is then calculated in the timeframe between that day and the next payment. You can check some helpful examples here.
How do I claim fees through the vesting contracts?
The Treasury League deploys a vesting contract for each partner joining the program. Deployment is executed when the first payment is processed. The same contract will receive the rewards and only the referral address is entitled to redeem the vested tokens. Tokens are vested on a linear basis over a 3-month period and the partner can claim them anytime.
B2B vesting contracts can be found in the legacy app.
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